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Visualize Sound, Open Your Mind!
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Welcome to Our Website

Thank you for visiting, I am Chris Chimo the brain of Chimo25. Music is my passion, always has been, growing up listening to a vast range of artists and genres I have adapted my unique sound and style that is unlike no other. I remember when I was 16 with my first job I would spend my whole paycheck on CD's and listening to them for hours never getting bored. The music I create will open your mind and let you visulize the music in your mind. Please enjoy my website.


About us

Long ago back in 1998 the Electronic scene was thriving in Tampa Florida, rave clubs all throughout the city. Being open minded to the new sounds I decided to participate in the scene. The hard hitting deep bass and spine tingling rythms and melodies helped me open my eyes. At this point my brother and I decided to start creating music. Starting on computer programs and quickly moving to hardware we spent hours upon hours teaching ourselves and establishing our technique........ View More »

What Do We Do

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Working with other Artists
Create new sounds and expand your horizons. I strive to work with others for many reasons. More »

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Picture Gallery
Visit my picture gallery to see me on stage at different shows and the equipment I use. More »


Welcome to the Chimo25 Website

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